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Dear American Dreamer,

For children growing up in America today, the opportunity to graduate from high school and college, to pursue a career and support one’s family and community can only be achieved through early literacy development.  Improving the reading, comprehension, writing and technology skills of children in prekindergarten through grade 6 are essential and fundamental steps in helping students succeed in school and the workplace, thereby helping them to achieve their American dream.

Inspiring the American Dream Foundation was established to help public schools throughout the United States support children’s emergent literacy, while at the same time, provide students with an appreciation for the ideals, values and virtues inherent in the American dream. Unfortunately, many children growing up in America do not have an understanding of the American dream and the opportunities it represents. Unless we, as parents, educators and community leaders teach our children about this unique American ideal, the American dream could be lost forever.

Like you, we believe in the power of the dream. Our children represent our future, so it’s incumbent upon us to demonstrate to them that the American dream is still within their grasp. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

We urge you to make a contribution today. Only with your support can Inspiring the American Dream Foundation provide schools with the necessary educational tools and resources to help their students become independent, prosperous and productive members of their communities.

Thank you so much.


Robert and Kathleen Basmadjian
Inspiring the American Dream Foundation