Opportunity To Succeed Program

Improving Reading, Comprehension and Writing Skills

Inspiring The American Dream Foundation at work

For children growing up in America today, the opportunity to graduate from high school and college, to pursue a career and support one’s family and community can only be achieved through early literacy development. Improving the reading, comprehension and writing skills of children in prekindergarten through grade 6 are essential and fundamental steps in helping students succeed in school and the workplace, thereby helping them to achieve their American Dream.

Inspiring the American Dream Foundation’s Opportunity to Succeed program is designed to help public schools throughout the United States support children’s emergent literacy, while at the same time, provide students with an appreciation for the ideals, values and virtues inherent in the American Dream. Guidelines for the educational curriculum have been developed around three principles, TEACH, SHARE and EMPOWER.

A variety of learning tools (books, eBooks, software applications, etc.), activities and motivational events will be used in the organization’s educational programs, inspiring students to learn about contemporary and historical figures that have positively influenced American industry, culture and history.

Working with local educators, volunteers and businesses, the organization will encourage students to reflect on their own interests, abilities and character traits. More importantly, the program has been developed to help students cultivate and apply those same skill sets and character traits to real-world situations; enabling them to graduate and pursue a successful and rewarding career.

Results will be achieved through integrated day-school, after-school and summer programs. The programs will be administered by local ‘American Dream Ambassadors’ including school principals, teachers, reading coaches, parents, mentors, university student interns and motivational speakers.

Lesson plans will be developed by local teachers with oversight by the organization’s Board to ensure alignment with the foundation’s mission. The reading material and supporting software applications from which the students may choose will be selected by the school faculty and will include books describing contemporary and historical American figures that have achieved the American Dream.

National, state and local community leaders from various walks of life will also talk to students, sharing their personal American Dream stories and providing inspiration and encouragement. We believe this approach will help reinforce in-classroom activities and serve as an interactive platform to both stimulate the children’s curiosity and provoke thought around their unique American Dream journeys.

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